Wireless Rumen Bolus

High-tech herd management system puts power in the hands of producers. New wireless technology accurately tracks location, estrus, disease and more

  • A new high-tech monitoring system will allow herds to be closely, carefully tracked on a comprehensive list of metrics. The Wireless Rumen Bolus, by Wandering Shepherd, is administered orally and stays in place in the rumen – the first and largest division of the stomach – throughout the animal’s life. This unique technology is the only one on the market that keeps the bolus upright inside the animal, for life. This means more accurate, more comprehensive information for the producer, including: • Estrus cycle data • Early sickness detection, as much as 24-36 hours before outward signs begin • Technology to track the herd and recover stolen animals
ONLY USD $5.00 each*



Whether there’s a need for cattle rustling, livestock traceability, early disease detection or wildlife protection from poaching, the Wandering Shepherd Wireless Rumen Bolus can be used to protect producers’ property and investment in all these situations and more.

Extremely long battery life, up to 10 years, no manual scanning, send and receive data on any mobile or desktop device for as little as $0.02, remotely change Bolus settings, temperature monitoring and motion detection plus many others.

Supporting Creating Jobs

We do all our manufacturing and assembly in the Phoenix Arizona area. Bringing jobs back to the U.S. of A.

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Manual Scanning

No more physically having to scan your herd.

One Device, Global Coverage

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